During the de-enrollment process, a user’s face is processed and compared to the one which was previously stored during the enrollment process, similar to authentication process. If it is successful, user will be de-enrolled and their account will be removed from the Keyless network.

This operation is irreversible, therefore we suggest to display a pop-up to confirm the operation before proceeding with the de-enrollment.

val configuration =
    deEnrollmentConfiguration = configuration,
    onCompletion = { result ->
        when (result) {
            is Keyless.KeylessResult.Success -> Log.d("KeylessSDK ", "De-enroll success")
            is Keyless.KeylessResult.Failure -> Log.d("KeylessSDK ", "De-enroll failure - error code ${result.error.code}")

Liveness Settings

Using withLivenessSettings you can specify the liveness security level with LivenessConfiguration and a timeout to perform the liveness.

DeEnrollment Delay

Using withDelay you can specify the delay (in seconds) before the liveness starts. This will not prevent the camera from starting, it will just delay the liveness analysis start.

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