🔑Why Go Passwordless?

Nothing to remember. Nothing to steal. You are the key.

The problem with passwords.

Memorized secrets shared between user and platform, better known as passwords, are the biggest design flaw of the internet. Hackers have been figuring out ways to crack passwords since the sixties.

Today, cyber threats are growing increasingly sophisticated, yet the way we authenticate has not evolved. Instead of rethinking how to authenticate and identify users, cybersecurity has centered around bolstering the password so that it is less susceptible to security threats. Unfortunately, none of these solutions addresses the fundamental problem: so long as there is a “password”, there is something for hackers to guess or steal.

“Password fatigue” describes the overwhelming burden users experience when it comes to managing their accounts. With the average user having an estimated ninety separate accounts — mandatory password changes, and complex password requirements backfire — forcing users to choose weak passwords that they can easily remember.

One of the biggest security challenges with authentication over the decades has been how private credentials are managed. Generally, businesses and platforms store copies of our passwords, PINs and security questions, alongside our personal details. This practice of storing private information in centralized databases essentially creates “honeypots” of our personal data.

These entice hackers to execute large-scale cyber attacks and unfortunately, many attacks are successful, despite the best security efforts of the platform.

At Keyless, we use a combination of advanced cryptographic techniques to eliminate fraud, phishing and credential reuse — all while enhancing customer and employee experiences and protecting their privacy. Our biometric authentication solution offers multi-factor security across devices and platforms with just a look.

What is Keyless?

Keyless envisions a world where anyone can seamlessly access any digital service from any device, at any time, while keeping personal credentials safe, private and under control. Where the only key is you. A world that is Keyless.

The Keyless Authenticator app removes usernames and passwords from the authentication process, allowing users to login with their biometrics.

There is nothing to remember, nothing to type, nothing to lose or to forget. Nothing to remember, means nothing to phish - Keyless embeds strong anti-phishing technology to minimize the risk of fraud and user deception

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