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A few things you should know before starting the deployment.
As part of your onboarding with Keyless, you should have received the items below. If you don't have one or more of the items, please reach out to your primary Keyless contact or to [email protected].

OIDC Integration

Client ID
Identification parameter
Client Secret
Identification secret
Well-known URL
The well-known page is a public URL where public information can be gathered, such as Issuer and Endpoints

SAML Integration

Login URL
The URL to use for Login
Logout URL
The URL to use for Logout
Security Certificate to authenticate the backend

RADIUS Integration

Docker Image
Available through Dockerfile, this Docker image contains the Radius connector.
Configuration Parameters
Parameters necessary to connect to Keyless: KL_DOMAIN, KL_TENANT, KL_AUTHORIZATION_HEADER.
Keyless Backend Server IP
If necessary, can be used to connect to the Keyless backend.
clients.conf configuration file
Contains username and password required to download the connector.
Startup script
This is a script that starts the connector.
Again, if you are missing one or more of the items above, please reach out to your Keyless rep or to [email protected].

Employee equipment requirements

  • Mobile device for each employee Whether it’s company’s property or employee-owned, a mobile device per person with internet connection is needed for the optimal password-less MFA experience. Currently iOS 13.4 or higher, on iPhone 6 or newer, and Android 7.0 or higher are supported.
  • Keyless app installed for each employee Employees will use the Keyless mobile app for authenticating. It’s available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Downloading the app takes less than one minute.
  • Browser support Make sure your employees can use one of the support browsers. Keyless supports all common web browsers.
We wish there was more to request, but these are really the only prerequisites we have for your employees.