Troubleshooting and Support

Support Portal

Make sure to visit the Keyless Support Center. In the Support Center you will find links to documentation, guides, and important information. In addition, you can contact Keyless support via our help desk service.

Get Support from Keyless

The Keyless team is available to assist with any request through our help service portal available online. There, you will be able to view existing requests submitted for your organization and can request new tickets:

  • Step 1: Start from our Support Center available online at

  • Step 2: Click “Support Request” from the main support page. This will redirect you to the Keyless service desk:

  • Step 3: Click create a ticket - provide as much context and we will be well positioned to provide speedy support.

  • Step 4: Upon successful creation - you should receive an email with confirmation on creation that includes a link you can use to track the support request. A support team member will reach out to you about your new request and work with you to make sure it is addressed.

  • Step 5: To view tickets you have raised or have been added to - once signed in, tap "Requests" button at the top right corner of the screen. This page provides an overview of all requests you have submitted including information on creation time, activity, and status.

Creating Effective Support Tickets

Level 3 Support has the ability to contact Keyless Support directly to raise issues that have no clear resolution. Keyless support will work with your teams to reach rapid resolution. You can access the support portal. The support portal serves several purposes. You can:

  • Raise and monitor support requests

  • Browse our documentation and knowledge baseFind the latest Keyless product offering

Once you are logged into the portal you can submit a request by tapping the “Submit Request” button.

Use the description text that best matches the scenario. An example of a request containing information which will reduce the time to resolution may include:

  • Phone Model: IPhone 8

  • Phone OS: iOS 13.2.2

  • Time of Issue: I experience the issue as early as 4:30 am EST to trying after hours as late 9:30 p.m. EST

  • Place of Issue: Office

  • Relevant Log Files/Screenshots: as attachments

  • Issue: User Is unable to unlock their workstation using Keyless

  • Steps taken when issue is experienced:

    • Step 1 ....

    • Step 2...

    • Step 3...

Retrieving Logs from Mobile Apps

The Keyless Authenticator application contains an easy to use menu to enable the user to provide help desk teams with information about the user's associated software and devices.

Encouraging users to upgrade to the latest version of the Keyless Authenticator application and the latest available operating system may improve application performance and reduce the risk of bugs while improving the security of the user experience.

To guide a user in how to submit mobile information to your organization, ask the user to select the Settings menu, or gear in the top right corner of the main screen of their mobile app. From here, have the user select “Contact Support” and the user’s email service will appear with the contents of the message.

If the user receives an error message and their email service does not appear, this indicates the user’s email client is not currently configured. Inform the user and ask them if they would be interested in setting up their email client on their mobile device.

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