Common Terms

Some terms you may encounter in this documentation, among your internal IT team, or from end users

Account Linking

The process of adding an account to the Keyless Authenticator application. In a quick, 30 second process, the end user can add an account by scanning a QR code and authentication using the Keyless Authenticator application.


The process of using the Keyless Authenticator application to gain access to certain applications, service or workstation.


The act of removing a Keyless account associated to a specific users.

Relying Party

The web or workstation service which an administration uses to generate policies and access for users of a specific service.


A user’s authentication device type (iPhone, Android, etc).

Push Notification

This is an out-of-band authentication request that is sent to the Keyless Authenticator App on an enrolled device

Keyless Helpdesk Portal

The Keyless team is available to assist with any request through our help service portal available online. There, you will be able to view existing requests submitted for your organization and can request new tickets.

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