The following document illustrates how the Keyless Workforce product can be integrated in any IAM to enable biometric authentication. This feature is comprised of mainly three components:

  • Keyless Middleware

  • Keyless Authenticator App

  • Keyless OIDC/SAML2 Connectors

In some cases, a direct integration can also be carried out using the middleware REST API.

The Keyless Middleware

The Keyless middleware serves the purpose of binding Keyless identities to the your IAM users. It is also responsible for sending push notifications to the authenticator app

Integration Overview

Enrollment Flow

In order to authenticate with Keyless, a user must first enroll his biometric template. To do so, Keyless provides an enrollment service, which must be protected by the customer IAM for security purposes.

Authentication Flow

Once a user has enrolled successfully, Keyless can be used as an Identity Provider for the customer IAM and therefore as a means of authentication for the final user.

Identity Providers

To start integration, select your identity provider from the list below

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