Common issues and solutions for Keyless and ADFS integration.

I am unable to add the Relying Party Trust to my ADFS.

Please confirm that you are able to reach https://<customer> from your network, where <customer> is the domain given to you by Keyless.

I want to restrict access to Keyless only to a specific group in Active Directory.

  1. Select the <customer> ‘Relying Party Trust’ in ADFS

  2. Click on ‘Edit Access Control Policy'

  3. Select ‘Permit specific group'

Other authentication options are offered to users in ADFS during account linking OR you would like to ensure that ‘Active Directory’ is the only option available to users in ADFS for Keyless Account Linking.

Please open PowerShell as administrator on your ADFS and enter this command:

Set-AdfsRelyingPartyTrust -TargetName <customer> -ClaimsProviderName @("Active Directory”)

On the ADFS ‘Home Realm Discovery’ screen, the browser on users’ devices may cache the list of login options. Clearing the cookies in the browser solves the problem.

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