Forgerock Identity Cloud

The following guide takes you through the process of enabling passwordless biometric authentication on Forgerock Identity Cloud to provide enhanced passwordless authentication experience to users
Keyless and Forgerock have partnered to deliver true passwordless authentication for the workforce and for consumers.
This document provides a step-by-step introduction for configuring Forgerock to work with Keyless. In this guide Keyless will be set up as both an OpenID Connect service provider and a OpenID Connect identity provider (Social Identity Provider) for Forgerock Identity Cloud.
Following is a short video to demonstrate Keyless authentication experience to Forgerock Identity Cloud.

Authentication: Configure Social Identity Provider

All configuration will be performed on Forgerock Identity Cloud Platform Admin Console.
  • Log on to Forgerock Identity Cloud Platform Admin console for your tenant:
  • From Platform Admin Console Dashboard select the realm we will be doing this configuration for and navigate to Native Consoles --> Access Management
  • From Dashboard click on Services tile and click on Social Identity Provider Service Link
Click on Service Management Tile
Click on Social Identity Provider Service link
  • Click on Secondary Configurations tab and click on Add a Secondary Configuration dropdown select OIDC Provider
Client configuration for OIDC Provider
  • Select a name for out IdP client configuration: the table below provides a list on configuration items that need to be filled in
Choose a name from Social IdP
Select a naem from Social IdP configuration
Auth ID Key
OIDC claim that identifies the user
Client ID
OIDC Client ID: Provided by Keyless
Client Secret
OIDC Client Secret: Provided by keyless
Well Known Endpoint
OIDC discovery URL: provided by Keyless
OIDC Issuer URL: provided by Keyless
Client Authentication Method
Authentication method for OIDC Client
PKCE Method
OIDC PKCE coonfiguration
Response Mode
OIDC Response mode
Oauth Scopes
OIDC/OAuth scope parameter
openid profile email
Scope Delimiter
Scope delimiter
OIDC Endpoints
Authorization, token, userinfo, JWKS endpoints: these are all provided by Keyless, also can be retrieved from the OIDC Discovery URL provided.
Redirect URL
OIDC redirect from Keyless IDP on completeion of authentication. This will depend on our realm and the name of our Social IdP we chose at the very top of this table
UI Config Properties
Add a property: buttonDisplayName
Add a property:
(URL for the value is provided by Keyless)
Transform Script
Script to transform/normalize the incoming cliams from Keyless IDP
We'll provide a sample script, to do just that, for initial configuration we can choose an existing script from the dropdown list of canned scripts.
  • ensure that we click the Save button to save our IdP configuration and click enabled toggle button on top to have our IdP configuration active/enabled
  • Following is a sample normalization script (groovy) for our Keyless Social IdP
// Normalization script for Keyless Social IdP
import static org.forgerock.json.JsonValue.field
import static org.forgerock.json.JsonValue.json
import static org.forgerock.json.JsonValue.object
return json(object(
field("mail", rawProfile.preferred_username),
field("alias",selectedIdp + '-' +
rawProfile.preferred_username.asString() ),
  • Next we'll need to configure an authentication Tree to enable our Social authentication: from realm dashboard select Authentication --> Trees --> Create Tree and provide a name: e.g. KeylessAuth
Sample Authentication Tree; KeylessAuth
  • At this point you can access Forgerock Identity Cloud end user dashboard: you'll be prompted to authenticate with Keyless (as Keyless is the only authentication mechanism configured in this specific Auth tree as shown above)
URL: https://<<my-forgerock-tenant>>/am/XUI/?realm=/<<my-realm-name>>&authIndexType=service&authIndexValue=<<my-Auth-Tree-Name>>#/
Keyless Authentication Page
  • Here's an alternative sample auth tree that provides options for both password based & Keyless (passwordless) authentication
Auth tree with Keyless & password option
Logon Page with both Options

Keyless Enrolment: OIDC SP/RP Configuration

For enrolment with keyless we'll need to create a new Application on Forgerock Identity Cloud for Keyless OIDC Service provider.
  • From our realm dashboard select Applications-->OAuth 2.0 --> Clients --> Add Client
Create an OIDC client for Keyless Enrolment
  • Fill in the information required as described below:
    • Client ID: Provide a client ID: e.g. KeylessEnrolmentClient,
    • Client Secret: generate a client secret
    • If ClientID & Secret is provided by Keyless (that is enrolment service has already been created for you by Keyless) we'll be using those to populate the parameters above. If we are creating our own ClientID & Client Secret then, both ClientID & Secret need to be sent back to Keyless for configuration on the Keyless Enrolment service
    • Redirection URIs: A list of redirection URIs for your Keyless tenant has been provided by Keyless
    • Scope & Default Scope enter the following: openid profile cn mail
  • Click Create button and continue
New OIDC Client configuration
OIDC Client configuration
  • Click on Advanced tab and configure the following:
    • Grant Types select : Authorization_Code & Implicit
    • Token Endpoint AUthentication Method select: clients_secret_post
    • Custom Properties type in the following: preferred_username=mail
Advanced Tab configurations
  • Click on OIDC tab and configure the following
    • Client Session URI: this is provided by Keyless
    • Post Logout Redirect URI: this is provided by Keyless
    • Backchannel Logout URI: this is provided by Keyless
    • Post Logout Redirect URI: this is configured based on our realm name e.g. https://<<forgerock-tenant>>/enduser/?realm=<<realm-name>>#/dashboard
  • Click Save and that completes OIDC client configuration

Keyless Enrolment

Assuming we have completed the configuration steps above to configure Keyless OIDC SP/RP for enrolment we now sould be able to enrol for Keyless authentication
  • From a browser navigate to Keyless enrolment URL provided by Keyless
  • Authenticate using your credentials for Forgerock Identity Cloud
  • Browser will get redirected to Keyless enrolment page
  • Download Keyless authenticator app on your mobile device from AppStore or Google play
  • Scan the QR code displayed on Keyless enrolement page with your mobile device to complete Keyless enrolment

Keyless Authentication

From a browser navigate to an application secured via Forgerock Identity Cloud SSO solution: e.g. Forgerock Identity Cloud end user dashboard:
Keyless Authentication
  • Click on Continue with Keyless button
  • Provide your email enrolled with Keyless already
  • You'll receive a notification on you mobile device to complete biometic authentication using Keyless