AWS Cognito

The following guide explains how to successfully connect Keyless to your AWS Cognito User Pool, so that you will be able to let your users login to your web app through Biometric Authentication

Setup Authentication Identity Provider

To enable Keyless authentication, login to your AWS Cognito dashboard and follow these steps:

  • Click on Federation > Identity Providers

  • Click on OpenID Connect

  • Insert ClientID, Client Secret and Issuer provided to you by Keyless, and configure the rest as shown in the following picture:

  • Click on Run discovery to make sure the IdP can be reached successfully

Setup Enrollment Service Provider

To let your users enroll on Keyless through AWS Cognito, follow these steps:

  • Click on General Settings > App Clients

  • Click on Add another app client

  • Choose an app name (typically keyless_registration) and make sure Generate client secret is checked. Leave the default values for the rest.

  • Send Client ID and Client Secret to Keyless

  • Your configuration should look like the following image:

  • Click on App integration > App client settings

  • Insert Callback URL(s) and Sign out URL(s) provided to you by Keyless

  • Configure the rest as shown in the following image:


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