How to remove the application.

Removal will delete all of the registry keys and installation artifacts from the target workstation. This action can be performed silently, with MSI Wizard, or with the Windows Control Panel.

Uninstall affects all accounts on target workstation.

This action will apply to all users, not just the current user.

Administrator privileges are required to remove the application.

Uninstall from Windows Control Panel

  1. Navigate to the application ‘Add or remove programs’.

  2. From the menu of installed applications search and select ‘Keyless Workforce Access’ and select the option to ‘Uninstall’.

  3. The uninstallation wizard will be initiated. Select ‘Yes’ to continue with the uninstallation. Windows will require an administrative prompt to complete this uninstallation.

  4. Restart your workstation to complete the uninstallation.

Uninstall from MSI Wizard

Click to open the Keyless Workforce MSI file on your workstation.

  1. Click "Next"

  2. Select "Remove" Radio Button

  3. Click "OK".

Silent Uninstall

A silent uninstall can be executed using msiexec from the command line:

msiexec.exe /x KeylessWorkforceAccess.msi

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