Offline Access Mode

This page explains how to configure Offline Access Mode for the user.

Offline Access Mode enables a user to perform a workstation login when there is no internet connection either on the workstation or the user's mobile device. There are no additional steps needed in order to configure Offline Access Mode for users, but it is important that the IT teams understand how to operate the offline functionality.

All users with an enrolled authenticator device can enable and disable Offline Access Mode without escalated privileges.

Enabling and disabling Offline Access Mode is done via the Keyless tray application accessible on the tray bar:

By default, Offline Access Mode is disabled for all users on a given workstation. To enable Offline Access Mode, the user should click on the Keyless tray icon and select "Enable Offline Access".

To ensure maximum security, once enabled Offline Access Mode will only be available for 7 days and 10 login attempts. Once either of these criteria are met Offline Access Mode will be automatically disabled and users will need to re-enable Offline Access Mode or use the standard "online" login.

Each successful "online login" will reset the counter back to 7 days.

If, for example, a given user enabled Offline Access Mode 6 days ago and is now logging in via the standard "online" mode, the counter will reset back to 7 days upon successful login.

If you wish to change the default values of 7 days and 10 login attempts, please reach out to Keyless customer support.

A given user can view the current status of his Offline Access Mode by clicking on the "Show Status" option form the Keyless tray app:

  • Offline Status: Enabled or Disabled

  • Offline Sessions Remaining: the number of offline logins left for the given user on the given workstation.

  • Offline Time Remaining: the amount of time left for the given user on the given workstation for offline access. Resets on a successful "online" login.

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