VMware Unified Access Gateway

How to configure Keyless authentication for VMware UAG with RADIUS.


  • Install and configure the Keyless RADIUS extension.

  • Make sure you have the Shared Secret that was configured for the RADIUS extension.

Under the "Authentication Settings" menu in the VMware UAG client, click on the gear icon next to "RADIUS" :

Make sure that RADIUS is enabled:

Configure the RADIUS parameters as shown below:



Authentication Type


Shared Secret

Provide the Shared Secret value that has been set in the Keyless RADIUS Connector.

RADIUS Server Host name

The configured RADIUS Connector server IP address.

Realm Prefix

Your Domain prefix (i.e. contoso )

Realm suffix

Your Domain suffix (i.e. contoso.local )

Name Id Suffix

Your Domain suffix (i.e. contoso.local ) [ this one is sent to Horizon]

Login page passphrase hint

"Please check your Keyless app on your phone."

Example Configuration:

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