Individual User Page

When you search for a specific user, you will land on that user's individual page. This page provides all of the relevant information per user selected.

On the top of the page there is a search bar which enables you to search for another user.

Below the search bar on the right hand side, there is a button to "Unlink Device". Clicking this button will de-enroll this user, after confirming the action in the pop-up.

Below this section there is a time and date filter as well as a log table with granular information separated by type. This is a similar data to what you can find on the System Log page, although on this page the data is filtered per specific user.

Time and date filter Changing the timeframe in this filter will impact the log data shown below in the table section. As you change the values in the β€œFrom” and β€œTo” fields, data shown below will reflect your new chosen timeframe.

Table with granular system information separated in tabs per type

  • Authentications

  • Enrollments

  • De-enrollments

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