General Info

What is an Admin Portal?

Admin Portal is a tool which helps you monitor various user activities on your system such as enrolment and authentication, as well as enabling you to de-enroll users manually.

It contains a lot of aggregated statistical data which can help you analyse how is your system being accessed.

How do I get access to the Admin Portal?

Currently, you will have to request from the Keyless team to provide credentials to you. The same applies if you forget your credentials.

What can I do with the Admin Portal?

Once logged in, you will see several tabs on the top bar available to you:

  • Overview - Displays system health status and provides various statistical data

  • System Log - Displays logs for all user actions, separated by action type

  • Users - Displays all relevant information about your end users

On the far right, there is a "Logout" button which logs you out of the portal when clicked.

Aside from that, on the bottom bar you will find:

  • Privacy - Link to Keyless Privacy Policy section

  • Support - Link to Keyless Support Center which contains all relevant integration and end user guide and Live Support

  • Feedback - Link to provide product feedback to us. We are always eager to hear what we could do to improve your experience!

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