Delete Account

Delete your Keyless Authenticator Account

You can delete your Keyless Authenticator account at any time. Deleting your account will remove any of the accounts. However, you will not be able to authenticate to your accounts if the Keyless Authenticator is required for access.

Please check with your IT administrator of the linked accounts before deleting your data.

Step 1: Open the Keyless Authenticator Settings

Tap on the gear button on the main screen to open the Keyless Authenticator settings panel

Step 2: Tap on Delete Keyless Data

To delete your Keyless data, tap the red β€œDelete Keyless Data” button on the bottom.

Step 3: Authenticate

Keyless Authenticator will ask you to confirm by authenticating using your face. To complete this process, make sure that your face is not covered by your hair, a mask, or a hat.

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