How to install Keyless Windows Authenticator

MSI Wizard Installation

As part of the installation package you’ll receive an encrypted zip file (alongside the installer executable) containing a JSON file with the configuration parameters required to configure KWA desktop app. A summary of the configuration parameters below:


Identity Provider Configuration

IdP Server URL

Enrolment URL

Keyless Middleware Configuration


API Key for Keyless Middleware servers


Service Host

Keyless Middleware host

Service Port

Port number



Your Keyless tenant ID


Keyless Network Configuration


API key for Keyless network services



Connection URLs to Keyless Network Servers,,

  • Start installation by running the installer executable provided

  • Accept the end user license agreements

  • Choose an installation directory (default being c:\Program Files\Keyless Technologies\)

  • On successful completion of the installation you’ll be presented with the configuration screen

  • Click load JSON button at the bottom to select the JSON configuration file extracted from the encrypted archive provided

  • A brief description of the configuration parameters is in the table above, specific parameters for your installation will be provided by Keyless.

  • On successful completion of the installation we are able to verify the following:

    • Keyless WIndows Authenticator is available from Windows application menu

    • Ensure that Keyless Authenticator service is running

    • Keyless tray application is active on the desktop

  • You have successfullyinstalled Keyless Windows Authenticator application

  • Three pieces of software that will get installed on the Windows Workstation:

    • Keyless Windows Authenticator App: The Base UI Component

    • Keyless Authenticatior Service: Background process responsible for communication with Keyless network and backends

    • Keyless tray Application: UI Component handling Desktop notifications

Post-Installation checklist

  • Keyless Authenticator App is available and can be launched

  • Keyless Tray App now available

  • Keyless Service

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